Basic ammenties such as school, college, medical facilites for the labour.
Future Investments
Optimized Logistic Support by Development of Railway Siding and Four Lane Highways...
• Own Laboratory at Mines.
• Setting Up Own Laboratory at Load Ports.
Production Process
A geological survey reports the deposits of minerals at the mines...
Being one of the leaders in Iron Ore Mining in Orissa, India, the company supplies iron ore primarily against long-term contracts and have a strong customer base. As such, it is generally unaffected by movement of prices in the spot market
Product Specification
 Iron Ore Fines    Iron Ore Lumps    Iron Ore Pellets
Steer Overseas - One of the leading exporter of Iron ore in India, also into bulk commodity exports and shipping , have shown excellent performance since inception.
Haldia Paradip
2 x 50000MT Iron Ore fines: Fe - 61pct Basis 60pct Min (Typical 60.6pct -60.80pct)
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